Social Care Needs Assessment

Before the assessment:

Think about what works and what support you already have from friends, family, community groups and the NHS.  You can find out more information about support you can access in your local community here.

Who carries out the assessment?

The assessment is carried out by a member of our Adult Social Care Team. They will contact you to arrange the assessment.

Can somebody attend the assessment with me?

Yes, you can have people with you to support you and offer their views. This could be a carer, family member or friend, or anyone else that you trust. 

If you think will find the assessment process difficult and you don’t have anyone to help you we can arrange for someone to attend the assessment to help you get your views across. This person is called an advocate.  Find out more about Care Act Advocates here.

During the assessment:

We may ask you questions about:

  • What’s important to you- What you enjoy doing, any hobbies and interests you have.  We will ask about what you enjoy doing in the local community and if there is anything you may enjoy doing.
  • Your support network – We will ask if you have any friends, family or neighbours who support you.
  • What your day looks like – We will ask about your daily routine and how you manage things like washing, dressing and making meals. 
  • Your health – We will ask about your health, any health conditions you may have, any medication you take and any health services that support you.
  • Your home – We will ask about your home, what works for you and if there is anything you need help with.
  • Keeping safe – If you have any concerns about your own safety and wellbeing you can tell us about them and what you feel you need to help you stay safe.

After the assessment

When the assessment is complete we will tell you if you have eligible needs

To be eligible you must meet the following criteria-

  • Your needs are due to a physical or mental impairment or illness. The impairment or illness affects your ability to do two or more of the below, and your wellbeing is significantly affected because you can’t do these things:
    • manage and maintain your nutrition
    • manage your personal hygiene
    • manage your toilet needs
    • make sure you’re appropriately clothed
    • be able to use your home safely
    • maintain a habitable home environment
    • develop and maintain family or other personal relationships
    • access and engage in work, training, education or volunteering
    • make use of facilities or services in the local community, including public transport and recreational facilities or services
    • carry out any caring responsibilities the adult has for a child.

What happens if I am not eligible?

If you are not eligible we will give you advice and guidance on where you may access support.  We will send you a letter with our decision and a copy of our assessment.  If you are unhappy with the outcome you can make a complaint, for more information about how to make a complaint please see Knowsley MBC.

If you have eligible needs we will agree a support plan with you to support you to meet your needs.  This will include:

  • Which of the identified needs meet the eligibility criteria
  • Which of the needs identified will be met by the Council
  • How will the care and support provided help you to achieve the things which are important to you
  • Any information and advice that will help you to prevent or delay future care and support needs
  • Contact details of the team to contact about your care and support
  • When reviews will take place to make sure your plan is working or if your needs or circumstances have changed

Direct payments

If you have eligible needs you may wish to arrange your own care using your personal budget.  This is called a direct payment.  You can find out more about direct payments here.

If you would like to make a referral

If you would like to refer for an assessment, visit the requesting a care assessment page

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